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How will bagMUSTER® work?

To meet the requirements of both the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020 + the Australian Packaging Covenant, collected bags will be processed on shore, here in Australia. Not only is this essential for the genuine stewardship of industry bags but doing so will provide feedstock for new recycling technologies + support their development in Australia.


bagMUSTER® will be delivered as a fee-for-service model. Fees will be targeted at those who manufacture, supply or import pre-packed products. Using this model,

bagMUSTER will minimise costs to the farming sector.


Partnerships with governments will ensure a viable and sustainable model is delivered for the benefit of Australia’s farmers when the pilot stage begins in 2023.


The bagMUSTER Process

Process Icon 2-01.png

Bags are collected + processed on shore in Australia. 

New tech icon-01.png

Processed material provides feedstock for new recycling technologies. 

Fee for service icon-01.png

Simplified fee-for-service model.  

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