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About bagMUSTER

Plastic packaging plays an essential role in Australia’s agricultural industry by protecting seed, pesticide and other agricultural inputs for transport, use and storage.


bagMUSTER is an industry-led, not-for-profit recycling initiative for agricultural product bags, including those used to distribute seed, pesticide.


bagMUSTER is led by CropLife Australia in partnership with the Australian Seed Federation.


bagMUSTER complements the existing waste stewardship programs drumMUSTER + ChemClear™ which CropLife has developed and delivered for almost 30 years through its wholly owned stewardship program, Agsafe.


bagMUSTER is being developed as a hybrid program taking the best and most suitable components from drumMUSTER + ChemClear™ to deliver an industry-led and fit‑for‑purpose stewardship solution for agricultural bags.


As a genuine stewardship program, bagMUSTER will support the plant science industry to meet its obligations in the Australian Packaging Covenant and the broader agricultural sector in its efforts to address the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020.

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